Mr. James


Children of all ages regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds should be able to experience the finest music education available. Certified music educator for the MDCPS for the past 13 years. Teaching general music education. Bachelor's in music education Masters in Education. Member of MENC, FMEA & Founder and director of Music 4 Young Voices.

Mr. Stricker


Enjoy teaching guitar to children of all ages. over 13 years experience in teaching and performance. Bachelors of music. currently seeking Master degree in music performance. teach music theory and and techniques with a strong background on stage performance.

Ms. Blaga

Vocal Coach

Lifelong goal is to instill the gift of music and pass on her vocal knowledge and skills to children of all ages. Masters of Music in Arts. St. Ciril University in Macedonia. Emphasis in opera singing and classical music. Specialized in Piano and music theory.

Mr. BJ


His nickname is the track master. He is Music 4 Young Voices' finest recording engineer. He sets and operates our recording equipments and runs the recording studio. His mission is to teach students how to create, produce, record, and master their own tracks. An expert in everything audio.  

Ms. Lee


Professional violinist from Korea. Ms. Lee has been very passionate about teaching the strings and has instilled in the heart of many of her students the gift of music for over 7 years. She is now and teaches the violin and the guitar at all levels at our music 4 young voices. She is very patient and know all ins and outs of the Strings. 

Ms. Merline


Vocal training at 5 years old. Performed with multiple well-known artists  from the state of California. strong vocal background and piano skills. specialized in solo singing skills in pop, R&B, soul, and Gospel music. Degree in music education. Love teaching children of all ages.

Mr. Jahn Cella 


Over 15 years experience in music performance. Mastered the skills of drumming and guitar techniques. live performances all over the United States and other countries. Degree in Music with emphasis in drums and vocal. solo artist with stage performance experiences

Ms. Ildiko

Piano/percussion Instructor

Years of experience in teaching children ages 3-5 years old. Teaching music theory, percussion instruments, games and movement techniques. Piano instructions to children between 5 and 17 years of age. well-versed and  

Mr. Ros

All Instruments

Over 20 years of experience in teaching violin. piano, guitar, cello, drums and much more. vocal coach with background in gospel music. Mr. Ros Brings a wealth of knowledge from Allegro Music School and Art. He has been a well-respected performer and musician in south Florida.