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Your Questions — Answered

Who does Michel Foundation distributes and approves grants to?

Michel Foundation distributes to local, national and global arts organizations, start up churches, families and individuals in need. 

Does Michel Foundation distribute recurring grants, or should applicants reapply each year?

Recurring grants are distributed based on certain organizations. Other applicants must reapply year year and show how previous funds have been used.

When are Grant applications due?

Competitive Grants are reviewed on a quarterly basis. Please check our website for the upcoming grant application deadlines. Applications can be emailed and are due in our mailbox by 11:59 p.m. on the day of the grant deadline.

How long does my organization have to complete our project?

We generally ask that projects be completed within 12 months of your group being awarded a grant. However, we understand that sometimes projects are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. If you do find that your grant project will not be completed within 12 months, please contact us for an extension of your grant term.

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