Beginning July 1st, the school will be open Monday thru Friday 9 am-9 pm and Saturday 9 am-5 pm Closed on Sunday

Before and aftercare are available with students engaging in musical activities one on one and in a group setting. Social distancing rules and sanitation is adhere to ensure the safety of our teachers and students. Facility is sanitized  before, during and after all activities with temperature guns, masks and hand Sanitizers are available for students and parents. our 50 members concert band will be reduced in half. two rehearsals of 25 members each will be conducted to adhere with CDC guidelines of social distancing. 

The school is accepting siblings from 9am-6pm during the pandemic. we assist with school work, with daycare activities and of course, music training on a daily basis. Due to social distancing, we can only have a limited amount of children in the hall. So spaces are limited. first come first serve.

Piano repair and tuning is available. repairs of all other instruments are available. Call us for a quote and appointment to get you playing again.